Summer of Sharing

Engaging our neighbors and the nations for Christ!

SUMMER OF SHARING is a great opportunity to engage your neighbors and the nations for Christ! There are events designed for every age group to join us in making Jesus known. If you would like to volunteer, please follow the link below. For more information on all the "Summer of Sharing" events, check out the event cards.




The little things can make a BIG difference! Grab a stack of "For Our Neighbors" cards and give them out with a gift that lets people know you care. Bake some cookies, buy them a gift card, or anything else that gives you the chance to let your neighbors know they are loved!


+ Host a cookout

+ Mow the lawn of a neighbor

+ Pick up newspapers, mail, etc. for neighbors on vacation

+ As you learn about your neighbor's interests, think about sharing books, magazines, etc. that would interest them

+ Check on a homebound or elderly neighbor. They might enjoy a personal visit. Take them with you to the store or post office. Buy them lunch or take them out for ice cream.

+ When you bake, make a few extra cupcakes, cookies or pies to share with a neighbor.


+ What's the best advice you ever received?

+ How would you change the way you were raised?

+ Why do you think there are so many different religions?

+ How did you meet your husband/wife?

+ What are the greatest lessons you feel you've learned so far on your journey?

+ Have you ever had an experience in which you've felt the presence of God?

+ In what ways have you seen good and evil played out in your life?