Prayer Meeting

Join us each Wednesday @ 6:30am or 12 pm!

We strongly believe that prayer is vital to the life of every Christ Follower! We invite you to join us each Wednesday at 6:30am or 12pm for a "virtual" community prayer gathering. Whether it is your first time logging in or you have joined us before, we invite you to join your LHC family for an opportunity to both share your prayer requests and pray for our community.

Simply click the button below [enter "prayer" if prompted for your passcode].

*Feel free to use the guides below to help direct you through the virtual gathering.


Join us for one or all of our Prayer Week Gatherings!

Morning Prayer Gatherings:

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday at 6:30 AM [in person];

Wednesday at 6:30 AM [virtual; click the button above];

Sunday at 9:30 AM [in person]

Silent Assembly of Prayer:

Wednesday at 6:30 PM [in person]


Use this section to send yourself a list of prayer requests shared during our "virtual" gathering.


These circles are a tool to guide you through daily prayer. We pray for ourselves first and then move outward. [It's important to start with self, because we are the most needy. If we lose the faith, we can't pray for anyone else.]


ASK GOD to open their spiritual eyes.

ASK GOD to give them ears to hear.

ASK GOD to give them faith to believe.

ASK GOD to give them the will to respond.

ASK GOD to send people into their lives to witness to them.

ASK GOD for ways to build caring relationships.

ASK GOD for opportunities to witness.

ASK GOD for boldness to witness.

ASK GOD for an opportunity to invite them.