Launching October 2021

LHC Middletown

1701 Columbia Avenue

Middletown, OH 45042

A Campus in a Hard Place

We at LHC believe that the gospel is for all people, and the best way for the gospel to advance is through the local church.  Our God is an advocate for the oppressed and impoverished, and a church on mission for God’s Kingdom should have a heart and desire to see people in “hard places” reached for Jesus. A hard place is described as a concentrated area of high poverty, crime, and systemic brokenness.  God has made a deliberate choice to demonstrate his glory through the most unlikely places and people. We see this mentioned James 2:5… has God not chosen those who are poor in the world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom. We also see this in 1 Corinthians 1:28 God chose what is low and despised in the world.  We have a command to go to our neighbors and nations and that includes our most broken neighbors.

Why Middletown?

We have chosen Middletown as our next campus for several reasons. Our church has a desire to see the gospel taken to all parts of the world especially to the most broken among us. As mentioned above the area of Middletown we are planting a campus in meets all of those criteria. Secondly, we are in a position to bless others out of our abundance, but we feel that having a closer proximity to the people will allow us to have better success in this ministry.  We also have a presence in the community through our partner of the Hope House.  This area of Middletown has no church within this community. There are several churches on the outside perimeter of this area, but no established churches within this specific location. We are commanded in scripture to the Gospel to the unreached.

Where in Middletown?

We will be planting a campus in the Oakland Park Community. It is a population of approximately 1300 people. The boundaries of this area are Girad Street the north, Verity Parkway to the West, Yankee and 14 th street to the south, and university to the north.  This area has been designated by the city and people as an area of revitalization.  The Oakland Park area is a described a community of high crime that is in wretched decline, but that just shows that God’s glory will shine bright in this community. This community has one small corner market and an auto repair shop. This community is home to the Hope House.

Who is leading the campus? 

The campus will be lead by Michael Callahan. He has been involved ministry in the Middletown area for over 10 years. Michael has been approved as a church planter through the SEND network, and came to into contact with LHC through Pastor Chris at one of the SEND network events. Michael had been married to his wife, Charly, for 13 years and they have 4 boys.  Michael has a heart and passion for people who are overlooked in society and who desperately need Jesus. He looks forward to working with anyone who wants to see God do great things in Middletown.


We are looking to launch the campus on Easter of 2021. This will consist of having weekly services on Sunday Nights, small groups throughout the week and other ministry activities in a normal rhythm in the Middletown community. We will be having many opportunities in the months ahead to have ministry activities and ways to engage as to build relationships and establish a presence in the community leading up to the launch. So be on the lookout for ways to get involved.

What will the campus look like?

A church in a hard place will look quite different than the other campuses. We are focusing on a small group of people, but they demonstrate high needs and lots of involvement. We are also reaching a group of people that live beyond our culture, so we will have to adjust in how we reach them. Our campus will meet on Sunday Nights in order to meet them in their daily rhythms of life.  We will have small groups throughout the week, monthly service events, and mercy ministries.  One of the main goals in the first five years will be establishing strong roots in the community and a counseling presence to help move individuals into a deeper relationship with Jesus and moving the community to into revitalization.  

Ways for you to get involved?

The first and most important thing you can do is pray for our new campus and the Oakland Park Community. You can find prayer request and updates on our Facebook page. We are also looking for people who would like to commit to joining a launch team to assist with ministries in the Middletown area.  We will need people that will help with monthly service projects. We are looking for small group leaders that would be willing to partner with us in extending ministry to this area through their small groups.