How do we know we're effective?

How do we know if we are effectively carrying out our mission? How do we know if one area of ministry is working, or another area needs more attention? How can we accurately evaluate our impact? How do we guard from attendance and offering being the only metrics of success? 

Tangible Goals for Intangible, Eternal Results: Our measurable goals serve as a diagnostic dashboard to help assess the health of our ministry in each facet of our mission statement.

  • 5-10% growth in annual membership
  • 10% of our membership participates in an international mission trip or local mission opportunity.
  • 10% of our total receipts support mission efforts
  • 5% of our average attendance are baptized each year (Ex: average 1000=50 baptisms per year)
  • 5-10% annual growth in worship gatherings
  • 80% of adult members participate in groups
  • 80% of members connect to a ministry
  • 75% of member households give at least $1000 per year